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"Preach the Gospel to all creation" Mark 16:15
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Welcome to GNI's archive page! You can access our archives from the list below.  Most of the links take you to the team leader's report, but there is a link to participants' testimonies on his page.
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GNI Missions

Liberia Flag

Liberia Crusades

2010 Mission  Come After Me...

2009 Mission Light in the Aftermath


Romania Crusades

Epilogue    A Book Closes

2006 Crusade Across the Balkans

2005 Crusade Tears of Joy

2004 Crusade Evangelistic Storm

2003 Crusade Warriors of the Light

2002 Crusade The Light Shines

2001 Crusade Breaking Barrriers

2000 Crusade A Chapter Closes

1999 Crusade Harvest in Drought

1998 Crusade Expansion to Samaria

1997 Crusade Into the Fields

1996 Crusade Field of Souls

1995 Crusade Outreach to Campina

1994 Crusade Comarnic

1993 Crusade Victory in Jesus

1992 Crusade First Love


Nicaragua Crusade

1997 Crusade Beacon in the Barrios


Bangladesh Crusade

1997 Crusade Beyond the Edge

1996 Crusade Unto the Uttermost


Costa Rica Crusade

2001 Crusade Reaching Out

2000 Crusade Harmony into the Millennium

1999 Crusade Multiplication

1998 Crusade Glory upon Glory!

India Crusade

1999 Crusade Journey to Gundlapet

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Trinidad Crusade

2001 Crusade "Do the Work of an Evangelist"

2000 Crusade Twin Islands, Single Love

Photos of GNI missions are being archived here!