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Outreach to Campina--The 1995 Romania Crusade
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I am excited to report that the "Romania 1995: Outreach to Campina" mission was a success for the team, the churches involved, and over 480 who confessed Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! The victories experienced were particularly satisfying in light of the many trials and challenges we faced. Each time the enemy

Romanian children in Campina enjoying a little recreation before the children's emphasis service on Thursday night.
raised a mountain before us, the LORD raised us above it to new heights, as we stood in awe of His intervention.

Trials and Challenges

The road to Romania was not unlike their roads--full of potholes and generally a rough ride. On the way to Romania, we lost team members due to spousal unemployment, family break-up, and serious family illness. Team members experienced savings wipe-out, enormous job pressures, and severe time squeezes. One team member (Chris Pixley, a staff minister at Metropolitan Baptist Church) came onboard three days prior to departure, after another team member was sidelined. We picked up his tickets and materials one and one-half hours before we departed for the airport. I will not go into the details of each trial we faced in going, but each trial was significant and insurmountable in our own power. As the team leader, I knew there was not a pool of replacements I could tap at any time. I also knew, since I was responsible for handling the expenses, the financial shortages were critical. All we could do was pray and trust God to make a way through the desert, and over the mountains that threatened to wall us in America and prevent our going to Romania. The LORD was faithful each time, bringing people to us from unexpected places, and meeting financial needs through so many brothers and sisters who were unaware of the depth of our needs. When we boarded Houston Delta flight #1680 at 1:00 p.m. on June 28, we had already seen the hand of the LORD upon us, providing for us, and protecting us--who could stand against us?

The Mission

Our mission to Romania was two-fold: to buildup the body of Christ, and to evangelize the lost. On July 1, our first Saturday in Romania, we led a three-hour seminar on discipleship and small group Bible studies. The seminars were well received, although the small group Bible study session created such discussion among the Romanians I feared we had started another revolution. When the dust settled, the Romanians felt small group studies would be helpful for bringing the unchurched into the body.

The evangelistic outreach penetrated deeply into the farming communities. The church members had prepared many home visits which lead to great harvests. New believers would then setup home visits for their friends. The LORD used people to reach the people in their own lives. The churches were filled to overflowing throughout the weeknight services.

Campina, the main city in the area, was a different story. The town had changed since I last walked its streets two years ago. Whereas before I saw a town that was open to the gospel, I now see a town embracing Western secularism, materialism, and hedonism. The people, especially the young people, were indifferent to the gospel. We did not draw the crowds we had previously, and we often had long, protracted philosophical discussions with people. Many were not willing to repent of their sins and receive Jesus, even though they believed and understood its necessity. The LORD then lead me to Luke 4:18, where Jesus read form Isaiah, "The Spirit of God is upon Me, because He anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor..." I realized we needed to go to the poor and outcast of Campina, among them being the gypsies. Gypsies are not well-liked by most Romanians, and they are social outcasts. The next day we made a visit to a church member, who "just so happened" to live near the gypsy area of town. We left the woman's house and approached two men resting on the side of the road. As we began to talk to the men, five other men gathered with us. I asked them all to sit down and shared the gospel with them. Six of the seven prayed to receive Christ. The next day we came to the same place and found three of the men from the day before. We encouraged them in their new life, and again, a small crowd gathered. I preached the gospel and explained the scriptures for the next two hours. Eleven men and women came to receive Christ. I saw over twenty gypsies come to know Christ, as the LORD confirmed His word to me. Many of these people came to the worship services.


The LORD moved mightily in many ways, and in the process He changed the lives of the team members, churches, and the more than 480 who prayed to receive Christ. The churches were encouraged by the fact that 99 of the 480 attended the worship services during the week. Continue to pray for these people, their freedoms, and the churches of the Campina area. One night I talked for an hour and a half to a young woman named Gabriela. Gabriela's heart changed from a scoffer to a genuine seeker, longing to be certain of the truth of Christ. Before we departed that night, with moistened eyes she asked me, "Please, pray for my soul tonight." Pray for her and her generation, that they might see and know Jesus. Thank you for your prayers and support for the 1995 Romania mission. You are our co-labourers in Christ Jesus.