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Romania 2001 Testimonies
The 2001 Romania crusade broke barriers on two fronts. First, it completely destroyed the long-held myth that Romanians could not win Romanians to Christ like the Americans could. Second, it saw teams consisting of both Romanian and American EVANGELISTS going into another country (Moldova) to share the gospel together.

The evangelistic thrust consisted of three distinct elements: evangelism in Romania in the communities where church plants are planned, evangelism in Moldovan communities, and evangelism at a Moldovan Christian Children's camp. The Romanian villages slated for church plants and reached by the teams were Filipesti de Tirg, Calinesti, and Securia. The Moldova effort began in the community of Colibasi, site of the home church of 600 members, and extended to a triad of new churches in Zarnesti, Adrusu-de-sus, and Andrusu-de-jos. Romanians and Americans took upon the role of evangelists in both Romania and Moldova, with Moldovan Christians taking up the roles of interpreters and guides in Moldova. The children's camp was well-run by the Moldovan Christians, with university-aged students as counselors and teachers.

The barrier-breaking mission yielded 449 professions of faith (POFs) in Christ. Romanian evangelists were directly responsible for just over 40% of the total POFs. Evangelism Explosion reports and average of one POF for every 4 times the gospel is shared in the United States. The crusade saw and average of 1 POF every 2.5 times a presentation of the gospel was attempted, most importantly, among the Romanians this also held true. The Romanians now have the evangelistic baton for Romania, and they become allies of GNI as GNI presses eastward to Moldova and Kazahkstan.