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Victory in Jesus-- The 1993 Romania Crusade
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The Lord moved mightily in Romania, bringing over 2,700 people into his kingdom! The hand of God worked graciously through our five-person team as we witnessed 703 professions of faith. As our plane left Dallas on September 9, I gave the team a copy of John Wesley's charge to his preachers:

"You have nothing to do except save souls; therefore spend and be spent on this work..."

The team left Romania on September 21 completely spent, but joyous over what the Lord had done. Roger, Ed, Bonnie, Pete and I each had a life-changing experience. We hope we will never be the same.

For the Record...

The Lord moved in a powerful way in the streets, homes and churches during the crusade. The Romanians are not accustomed to invitations at the end of a service, so usually the in-church response is light to non-existent. Throughout the 17 churches and the 2,700 decisions, scores

came forward in the churches to receive Christ. Within the three churches where we ministered, the average crusade attendance was a total of 120. We saw 18 come forward in church for salvation, with many others coming forward for rededication and prayer. The attendance during the crusade grew from 90 the first Sunday to 170 the closing Sunday. Ed Hollis' assigned church in Minier saw the most significant numerical and percentage growth, increasing from 30 to 71; praise the Lord!

Ed Hollis joyfully recounts the blessings and harvest in San Minier at the victory rally in Ploiesti.  The mission at Minier constituted as a church as a result of the Lord's ministering through Ed.

Romania 1993: Victory in Jesus!

In the city of Cîmpina, where Bonnie, Pete and I ministered, the Lord brought a great harvest from the streets. The street victories lead to several home visits where more victories where won. On three separate days, we saw over 100 professions of faith. We seldom had more than one "official" translator for the three of us at any one time, but God brought us many who could speak English and, after receiving Christ themselves, help us win their friends to Jesus. The most memorable of these occurred one night at 9:30 while we walked home from supper. Three young people (older teen-agers) passed us going the opposite direction. The tallest one stopped and beckoned to us. He was someone whom Pete lead to the Lord earlier that day. He wanted us to share the plan of salvation with his friends. They did not read our testimonies; they had already heard his. With Bonnie holding her Mag-Lite overhead, Rafael and Anda knelt in the streets and prayed aloud to receive Jesus!

"And God was save those who believe." 1 Corinthians 1:21