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Costa Rica 98: Glory upon Glory!
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"Costa Rica" comes from Spanish meaning "Rich Coast".  The land is rich in floral vegetation, trees, and crops...and white unto harvest for the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Its raining outside I write, and as I slowly sip on the fresh, smooth Costa Rican coffee, my mind drifts back to a week at place many consider a vacation paradise. Sitting there at Quinta Mindy, the small farm and residence that was next to the parsonage at which we stayed, owned by Dona Arnina Sirker de Lopez, our saintly hostess and matriarch of the area churches, a cool breeze blows at our backs. Jerry Tebo and I sit at a stone table under three palm trees, discussing some issues related to the mission before us. We glanced past the deep purple crape myrtle, over the fields of sugar cane and coffee, and unto the mountains, I thought of one verse, which I had heard sung in Spanish the day before: "Be exalted above the heavens, O God; Let Thy glory be above all the earth!" (Psalm 57:5).

Whether sung in Spanish or English, the above chorus was fitting for this crusade. The lush beauty of Costa Rica testified of our wondrous Creator, and the harvest of souls exalted and glorified our magnificent Savior.

The Mission

The mission to Costa Rica was a success in many ways. We had no idea what to expect when we landed in Costa Rica. What we found truly surprised us. Our Costa Rican brothers and sisters were totally prepared for the crusade, from the fresh paint and decor of their churches, to the fact that almost of every church member was involved to support this crusade, whether by preparing meals, special music, or going with the teams to evangelize their communities. The pastors had very specific strategies for the evangelistic outreach, and the parsonage construction team was never for want of supplies.

The construction team laid 505 blocks, poured ii steel-reinforced columns, and a steel-reinforced crown beam. The steel was necessary since this is a seismically active area. The columns and beam must cure for a week before further work can be done. The construction team accelerated this project so much, that the benefiting pastor was deeply moved that he would soon, and finally, move to the parsonage and live among his flock.

The evangelistic teams went house to house, accompanied by the pastor or a church member, if the pastor was taking his own team. The four teams recorded a total of 220 professions of faith in Christ, a number which overwhelmed the pastors, and immediately prompted discussions about follow-up and discipleship. They are so encouraged and excited about what God is doing!

Asking and Receiving

On Thursday, my interpreter, Indi Vormbrock, and I were walking alone along a back road. We had just been through a very affluent neighborhood, where we found no one with whom we could talk. We noticed a middle-aged mother and daughter walking toward us. Indi and I stopped them, and explained we'd like to share with them what Jesus had done in my life. As I share my testimony, the woman began to cry, and explained that they had just prayed and ask God to send someone to help them, and there we were! She told us about her failed 27 year marriage, full of abuse and adultery by her husband, and how she and one of her daughters (the one with her, the other four children were with her ex-husband) lived with a man in a common law relationship. She shared with us for over twenty minutes, explaining the emptiness she felt, and her desire to find real truth and meaning to her life. Indi and I proceeded to explain the gospel, stopping to answer questions and discuss each point; she was seeking real understanding. When we spoke of repentance, immediately she asked about her common law marriage. I explained, yes repentance would involve pulling out of that situation. I further explained that if she really trusted Jesus, she would trust Him to care for her though she did not live with that man. She said that more than anything, she wanted to be at peace with God, and have Jesus in her heart. She said she would move out) so Jesus could move in! She and her daughter joyfully prayed to receive Christ, kneeling in the grass along the road. She had asked God for help, and He answered immediately, receiving the message He had sent.


We are invited to return next year, being made an integral part of the AMEN Ministries' church planting strategy. Next year, we will go into at least two unchurched communities, and the follow up will result in new church starts. Please pray for the follow-up of this year's crusade, next year's efforts, and the salvation of Costa Rica.  Click here for the exciting report we have from Costa Rica!