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GNI Costa Rica 1998 Testimonies
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Testimony by MV

This mission to Costa Rica was actually the first mission trip I have participated in. However, despite my inexperience, God still used me. I , along with some others, had the privilege of visiting two towns (Sarchi & Naranjo) to witness door-to-door. Though a few turned us away, many opened their doors, as well as their hearts, to hear God's word. One lady, in particular, touched my heart. She was one of the Pastors' mother-in-law. She was elderly and not a Christian. We sat down and I shared with her the good news of Christ. The next evening at the church service, she prayed to receive Christ in her heart, and tears filled her eyes (as well as mine!).

The feeling I got inside from that experience is indescribable. It was the best feeling knowing I had a small part in God's ultimate plans. God truly is almighty!

Testimony by LMV

During the winter break I had from Texas A & M, a family friend asked my family to go to Costa Rica on a mission trip. My mother is from there and my grandmother still lives there; so for me this was another great way to see my friends and family. Little did I know that Mark Puckett was going to work me to the bone. This was not the first time I had been to Costa Rica, but this was my first real mission trip. Being the grandson to the founder of A.M.E.N. Ministries has been a real blessing. I have seen many different work camps and Evangelism teams come through doing the Lord's work as best they can, but when Good News International came through.. things started shaking. My dad and I were assigned to help build the Pastoral house. The people there were used to seeing a Mission team come into town and help build a wall then leave, and actually that is a lot of work. But the Lord moved his mighty hand on us. I was able to get three of my Christian teenage friends to help us. Dad once again attracted little kids to the site, and they did more than pull there weight. Those kids were great workers. At the end and by the Lord's grace three "gringos" were able to build all the walls (4), pour the columns (10) and start the crown for the ceiling. May all the glory be to GOD. After work everyone went to the church they were helping. My group went to San Roque. Mark asked me if I would translate Brad's sermon. I said yes of course and prayed it would go well, and it did. Later that night the most powerful part of the trip for me happened. Mark and I went to a friend of mine's house. He had not been going to church and he was far from the Lord. After asking the EE questions, it was clear he was not saved, which I knew in the back of my mind all along. After translating for Mark, I was able to lead one of my good friends to the Lord, and for me that was what hit home. This was a mission trip not of men but of God's men. God moved through us in ways I can't explain. Things happened and people listened that normally would not. I have to thank Mark for asking me to go, and God for letting me.

Testimony by IV

My father was a minister and he always used to talk with me about his love of preaching and his love of sharing the gospel. It wasn't until this mission trip, however, that I understood what my father meant. I had the honor of translating for Mark Puckett as he shared one on one with the Costa Rican people God's plan for salvation and as he preached the gospel during church services. Telling people about God's love and being behind the pulpit changed me. As I translated the evening services, I looked out into the crowd and saw many intense faces. People were hanging onto every word that was spoken. Soon, it was time for the closing prayer, giving people a chance to accept Christ in their hearts. Afterwards we asked for those who prayed for salvation to raise their hands. We could see the hands being timidly raised. I praise the Lord for using me to break the language barrier so that these people could hear the word of God.

Testimony by TV

After participating in a number of missionary trip over the last 24 years, a definite trend is becoming apparent. I contribute a week or two of vacation time along with a decent-sized chunk of change, and in return receive a blessing-cup fill to overflowing beyond what I could have ever expected. This year was an exception, the blessing cup was exchanged for a blessing bucket and still spilling over as I consider how good God has been to me and my family.

For the first time, I did not miss my wife and children at all while on a mission trip4hey were all with me in Costa Rica. My wife interpreted for an evangelist team, my daughter accompanied a youth evangelist team as well as helped with meals, and my son interpreted preaching in the evenings in addition to working and providing interpreting at the construction site while we built a concrete block house for a local pastor. What a privilege to be allowed to work side-by-side with my family while serving our Lord in the mission field of Costa Rica.