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Romania 1998 Testimonies "Expansion to Samaria"

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Romania 98

Enjoy many scenes from the 1998 Romania Crusade.  It was not only our privilege to go and share the Gospel, but also to worship with the Romanians, fellowship with them, and even attend a wedding!
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Upon returning from Romania, the word "freedom" describes what I saw. The power of God's Word set many slaves free this week. Jesus said, "...the truth shall set you free." The gospel was preached in churches, homes, and on the streets, and resulted in the quickening of hearts for the Kingdom of God. Repeatedly, Romanians told me only God knows who will be in heaven. The truth from 1 John 5:13, "I write this things that you may know you have eternal life", was an exciting revelation to those seeking to know God. As it is in our country, few read the Bible for themselves, therefore they depend upon the hearsay from others, or operate from their own belief system.

Romanians often look to their priests for spiritual truth, and are often deceived with superstitions and lies.  One woman told me she knew the priests lied to her.  This woman, Anna, also told me of the persecution she encountered from her neighbors when she visited an evangelical church.  Anna sais she saw a difference in the people she met there.  Even though their lives were full of the same difficulties faced by other Romanians, these Christians had real peace.  I then told her of the peacemaker, Jesus Christ,  Anna prayed that morning in her small apartment, and asked Jesus to be her Savior and Lord.

I encouraged Anna to read the Bible for herself, and to pray for God's help in understanding the Scriptures.  She smiled and was so excited and thankful to hear God's truth!  We are told in Henrews, "Free those who all their lives were held in slaveryby their fear of death."  Anna knows her final destination; she's trusting in Jesus Christ alone for eternal life.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.


As I write, I've just arrived back home from a ten day mission trip to the beautiful country of Romania. This was my first mission trip to experience, and hopefully not my last.

I would like to tell you how the Lord has blessed me these last few days.  I was not sure I whether or not I would be coming on this trip until two weeks prior to departure from Houston, but the Lord supplied everything needed for this trip, including the monies.

I was blessed with the opportunity to work with a great team of men and women who are trained to share the Good News of the Gospel, and have a desire to do so.  I have learned a lot from the team members about commitment, and dedication to do the Lord's will. I could not have prepared mself for what I was about to experienceduring the mission trip to Romania.

I met many men, women, and childrenwho were dedicated and committed to come to gather as one large church body, willing and eager to do whatever it took to carry out the Great Commission, which is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  These families welcomed our team with open arms and open hearts.  They made us feel welcome in their homes and their country.

While we were witnessing in the streets and in people's homes, we encountered many people who have never been taught the truth of God's Word.  I have to say that it is very heart-breaking when people reject Jesus, but nothing can compare with the excitement of watching someone's face and eyes light up when they understand the Gospel and receive Jesus.  You can also see the relief they have knowing they have been forgiven of all their sins.

I had two prayers before leaving Houston. First, I asked for a great harvest of souls for our Lord's Kingdom, and the second was that I would be changed forever.  The Lord answered both of my prayers abundantly!  I am so thankful to have had this opportunityto go to a foreign country, work with a great team of men and women sold out for the Lord, and share His Good News!


God always blesses us on these trips, and this trip was no different.  Many times it is the awesome answered prayer or when an entire family receives Christ that we experience such blessings.  This tome, however, I saw both of the above happen, but there was one decision that was particularly special for me.  An 85 year-old man with breathing problems was walking across the street, through his gate toward his house.  We were supposed to meet our ride in about 10 minutes.  I felt the Holy Spirit calling me to share with this man.  We hurried to his gate and I caught him right before he entered his house.  We shared the Gospel, and he prayed to receive Christ, and the Spirit prompted me to pray a special prayer for him.  The joy was overwhelming!  As God would have it, our driver was late and met at the rendezvous point five minutes before his arrival.


I am continually reminded of Mark 16:15 when Jesus said "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." Although I am not a preacher I not a teacher; I am filled with great joy and deep gratitude as I think of the opportunity God provided for me to journey to Romania with the gospel message. Yet, it is with a saddened heart when I think that most of the people there have been blinded to the truth of Jesus Christ and have closed ears and minds.

As we walked the streets with the message of salvation and told the people of God's promise of eternal life and heaven, some were hungry to hear and accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Many listened but did not believe they could be forgiven of their sins. In fact, many believed they were going to hell.

We spoke to several people in an office; two accepted Jesus into their heart. Upon hearing us speak on the street, we were asked to come in a beauty shop so they could hear. Many of the women there prayed to receive Jesus Christ. We laid hands on and prayed for healing of a paralyzed woman. She prayed to receive Jesus Christ.

Two elderly men were talking as we approached them. The gospel was presented, but they rejected it. They said they would "go into the ground" when they died because of their sins. For them there was no hope of heaven. Woe unto those who hear but reject the message of eternal life!

Praise God for those who have heard and received Jesus Christ and are working diligently to spread the gospel throughout Romania. Speaking to and visiting with them was like a bright new day of sunshine, or a day with gently falling rain. The Christians in Romania are a very loving, caring people. Those who do not know of God's love, His forgiveness of their sins and His free gift of eternal life are like a dark, dreary day--a storm.

My prayer is for those who have hardened hearts. I am so thankful that we bad the opportunity to "plant seed" in the beautiful country of Romania.

"Go and preach the gospel." You will be truly blessed!