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Testimonies of the Romania 2004 Evangelists

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The name of the faithful one who went is followed by their hometown in parenthesis and the the mission center out of which they labored for souls.
Romania 2004

Mariana Nastase (Campina) – Nenciulesti, TR

This week was one of the most wonderful weeks in my life. I could see again the way God continues to work in other people’s lives. God blessed me with a special team. As a leader, I could see how the members of my team made progress in sharing the Gospel. They were very enthusiastic and captivated by the power of the Gospel.

I feel honored that the Lord used me again for His work. I met a lot of people with different characters, but I think that they were open when they heard the Word of God. The person who impressed me most was an 18 years old girl. She was just hanging on my lips. After she received Jesus in her heart she asked for permission to jump and to shout of joy.

I believe she was the reason that God sent me to Nenciulesti. It was an unforgetable experience.

Priscila Gabriela Gîgîlice (Nenciulesti) – Nenciulesti, TR
First of all I would like to give thanks to the Lord that he gave me the oportunity to share the Gospel. I always wanted to do this, but I never had the courage and the boldness to do it. I asked God to help me and He did.

This week was more than I expected. It is true that I was very nervous the first day and I felt like I couldn’t speak to anybody. But I knew that this was the ocassion I was waiting for, so I had to take advantage of it. The members of my team were special and I think it helped me to become a missionary. I met different people, both through their way of acting and through their way of thinking, and even if there were some who refused to listen to me, this made me to go on. I believe that this week contributed a lot to my spiritual growth and I am thankful that God used me to make His word known among the people and to give them the chance to choose eternal life with Him. There were people who, with tears in their eyes, accepted to follow Him and all that I want is that God would bless all of those who heard His Word and that He would give us power, courage and boldness to share Him even more.

Sandu Vasile (Nenciulesti) – Nenciulesti, TR
First of all, I would like to give thanks to the Lord because I am one of His children. Also I would like to thank the team who encouraged me, prayed for me, had patience with me and supported me.

I was very impressed by the way people were receiving Christ as their Savior. I would be very happy if this kind of mission took place more often and with His help they would bring fruit.  I hope that God will help us to get closer to people and to share the gospel with them. It was a great experience and it’s going to be difficult for me to get used to the fact that it’s over now.

I want to thank the brothers who suggested having this mission in TR. May God bless us all!
“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me”

Stefan Ologeanu (Nenciulesti) – Nenciulesti, TR
This mission was a new experience for me, a very nice one.  I liked a lot the way things were organized and the way we worked: small teams of 3 or 4 people. It was the first time I have shared the gospel this way and it is wonderful to feel that God has used me to bring more people to Him.
I don’t regret at all that I offered to be a volunteer in this mission and there is nothing I can complain about because everything worked the way it should.  I believe that this effort was a special spiritual experience for each of the volunteers and I hope we can work again next year too.

Andrei Hutan (Campina) – Nenciulesti, TR
I would like to thank God for the oportunity He gave me to be one of the volunteers involved in this mission. It was a great thing to be able to work with a young and lively team, whose only desire was to share Christ with the Lord. I met a lot of people, some with attitudes that made you laugh. There were people who didn’t even believe in God, people who said that they don’t need God because they were living in an important city, people who agreed with everything we told them, but didn’t apply any of it and, for God’s glory,  people who were honest and received Jesus into their hearts. For example, I met a 45 year old man who was in the middle of the street. I stopped him and ask permission to share the gospel with him. He listened to everything I was telling him, but when he heard that God can forgive all his sins, he started to cry and prayed for forgiveness right there on the street.

There were experiences that we won’t forget that easily, experiences that continue to have an impact on our lives. All the time I felt God’s hand upon us and He watched over us in many situations where Satan tried to stop us.  We know that God was the one who was there for us and He is the one who worked in other people’s lives. May God be praised for all things!

Marian Patru (Nenciulesti) – Nenciulesti, TR
“May our Lord be praised and glorified”.

I had the great joy of meeting souls who longed for salvation and the happiness that only the Lord Jesus can give. The people I met helped me to understand that we need to witness the True and Living One, the Eternal God and the Savior of the entire world.

I was suprised when I saw that young and old people were ready to receive Jesus Christ in their lives. I pray that God will guide me through the Holy Spirit and that He will make a revival just like in the days of the disciples and that many souls will be saved through the Word of the Gospel.

May all the glory, honor and praise be unto the Lord. Amen.

Delia Gîgîlice (Nenciulesti) – Nenciulesti, TR
I would like to thank God for giving me the opportunity of doing this mission for Him. This mission together with the young people from Prahova was a true blessing for me. There were evenings when I got home after the mission and I couldn’t sleep because of happiness, I felt myself fulfilled.

I think it was a good mission and the teams were very good. I have to give thanks to God for those who took care of food and transportation.

I met people who just didn’t want to talk to us, people who listened to the gospel and people who opened the door of their heart so that God could go in.

May God bless this ministry and those who did everything from their heart.

Crina-Geanina Alexandru (Nenciulesti) – Nenciulesti, TR
In July 10-17, four teams from the baptist churches in Prahova and Nenciulesti went on the streets to share the gospel with other people, to tell them about God’s plan for their life. I took part of one of these teams. I met a lot of persons of different age with whom we could speak. They were open, ready to find out new things about God and His Kingdom.

It was an unforgetable experience. I will always keep in mind the first person with whom I spoke. It was a man who had suffered a tragic accident and for whom God didn’t exist. I was very sad and I was scared of the reaction of the other people that I was suppose to talk to. Mariana Nastase was near me and encouraged me, she told me that everything was going to be all right. But there were also moments when I was really happy (for example, the first prayer with a women who confessed that she was a sinner and accepted Jesus into her heart, or the moments spent with persons whose lives were not so easy, but who could find a real support in God).

Now, after my first mission on the street, I feel ready for the next one. I believe we all did something according to God’s will and I am very proud of this!

Daniel Serbanescu (Nenciulesti) – Nenciulesti, TR
I can tell you that this ministry is very important and very useful both  for unbelievers and for us as people who share the gospel. It is a great enouragement for us and a great joy to see hearts looking for our Savior and even praying with us in order to receive the Lord. This mission helped me to grow spiritually and I think we need to invest our bodies and souls in this effort for the growth of the Kingdom of God.

Marius Nasta (Nenciulesti) – Nenciulesti, TR
This mission brought me closer to God and I was built up spiritually. I met people willing to listen to the Word of God. Some of them turned their face to God and prayed with us asking for forgivness from the Lord. I was impressed by a man who cried while I was sharing the Gospel with him and in the end he received Jesus Christ in his heart.

I would like to thank you for these wonderful young people who worked together with us to bring forth the good news of the Gospel.

Camelia Stanean (Campina) – Nenciulesti, TR
The mission this year was a true blessing for me, especially from the spiritual point of view. The fact that God used me to touch other people’s lives with His Word was a great honor for me and at the same time a blessing for my soul.

I was encouraged by seeing people who were seeking the Lord, but who had missed something that would direct them to Him. The young volunteers with whom I worked impressed me with their zeal to share the gospel. I saw a great joy on their faces when they prayed with other people to receive Christ, a joy that can not be expressed in words.

The whole team was wonderful and I am glad I was a part of it and that together we could lead others to Christ. The organization and the schedule were good, especially the food. Even if we had obstacles from Satan on our way, we prayed and we were victorious.

Every mission week has an impact on my spiritual life and this week helped me to come closer to God.

Emanuel Vasile (Campina) – Nenciulesti, TR
This week was a special one. I had again the opportunity of sharing with people about God. It is an experience that you have lived, you can just be told about it. I give thanks to God for being part of this team and that He was the One who took care of everything so that this mission would be a success. And we saw this by the fact that Satan tried to stop the work in many ways, but God provided for us the power to pass through all the problems.

The team with whom I worked was made up of young people  who were open and ready to learn and who had zeal to go and share the Gospel. And even if most of the members of the church were older people, we found there a church full of love, warm and open for such a mission.

The organization was pretty good and the food made me feel like home.  We met different kinds of people. There were different personalities, but I was very glad to see that people knew a lot of things about God and that I was able to help them understand God’s plan for their lives.

I think that the mission was a success in which all the gratitude and glory belong to the Lord Jesus.

Daniel Dragnea (Campina) – Nenciulesti, TR
I give thanks to the Lord for finding me worthy of doing this ministry of reconciliation with Him and of working in His domain. Also, I want to thank our American brothers for making this wonderful work possible.

Personally, I think the ministry accomplished its aim of bringing many souls to the Lord and of training the volunteers for this mission. I was glad to see many people coming to Him and to see satisfaction and joy on the volunteers’ faces. They made an all out effort for this mission, both the leaders and the teams.  We are looking forward to the next mission and we would like to be in His service.

May God help us to do so and may He be glorified and blessed. Amen.

Rusu Traian (Campina) – Zimnicea, TR
I was very encouraged by the fact that people have a true desire for the Lord. I met all kind of people: some of them were happy, others were crying with happiness, others didn’t want to change their religion and others didn’t believe in Christ’s resurrection. I realized that when some people were against, there was a wonderful grace upon us. A person was rejecting us, but there were many more waiting to hear the Gospel and to see God’s power upon them.

Marian Burcea (Zimnicea) – Zimnicea, TR
In our church, I attended a course about spiritual growth, “Choose life”. I’ve learned a lot of theoretical things. This mission put me face to face with the reality of life. I could apply all the theory during this mission. I was impressed and amazed by the way people were giving their lives into God’s hands. This mission made me grow spiritually and also in my relations with other people. I wish I could take part again in this kind of mission so that God could use me in His service.

Costel Constantin Pavel (Zimnicea) – Zimnicea, TR
I attended many other missions, but this one was different. I had taken some Evangelism Explosion courses before, and now I was able to practice them. I was impressed by the fact that this kind of mission on the street that gave us the opportunity of talking to people, helps us to gain more experience and to be more courageous. It also gives us streangth as Christians. People without God need this mission and we also learned a lot of things by working with wonderful people.

Adrian Simion Anghel (Zimnicea) – Zimnicea, TR
It was a great privilege for us and for our church to be part of this mission. I was impressed by the desire of the volunteers to share the gospel and also the desire of 2 children who worked with us. It was great to see the way God blessed our work and to see people who responded to God’s calling. This was and is a great encouragement to me. I give thanks to all those who supported this mission both in the country and abroad. I am looking forward to working together next year.

May God bless all the ministry!

Ionut Nicolae (Zimnicea) – Zimnicea, TR
I was very happy that I had the oportunity of telling people about God. They happily accepted the Word of God. The ministry impressed me very much and I am looking forward to being involved in another one. It made me grow in my faith and helped me to be unshaken on God’s path.

Stefan Traistaru (Campina) – Zimnicea, TR
I felt God’s hand at work in this town and in the 2 villages (especially Nasturelu and Rudarie). It is a very open area for God and this made me rejoice very much. Most of those who heard the gospel gave us a positive answer and there were very few who rejected us. We had a good partnership with the volunteers from Zimnicea. Pastor Anghel is a special man dedicated to God’s ministry in that area. And I believe that His work here will continue and many souls will become part of the church here. I am convinced that in a short time we will be able to see the results.

May God be glorified! Amen.

Dana Iamandei (Campina) – Zimnicea, TR
God’s work is special and it takes place differently than we think. We meet people who recognize that there is hell and who really want to go there just to be with their family. It is a false altruism that Satan puts in front of people. I met people who want to go to hell. I can’t believe this and I have the faith that God has a solution for them to see Jesus. I give thanks to the Lord for the experience I get every year in this kind of mission.

I am waiting for His calling where ever He wants.

Elena Rusu (Campina) – Zimnicea, TR
I give thanks to the Lord that I had the most wonderful oportunity to go this year to Zimnicea with brothers from the town. I really admire their desire to share the gospel with other people.

I was very impressed by the good opinion that people have regarding the church. I met people who expressed the desire of going to hell and others who received Jesus Chirst as their Master with joy and tears in their eyes Chirst as their Master.

I pray to God that many other mission will be possible and may God bless Romania!

Iulian Tudora (Campina) – Zimnicea, TR
I was glad to be a part of this kind of mission for the first time. I was surprised that God was working through me. I understood that God wants people gifted with teaching, but also those who have an open heart for the gospel. I was impressed by those who recognized their sinful nature and prayed, with tears in their eyes, to be forgiven by God.

I am open for God to call me to this kind of mission.

Lucian Brânceanu (Zimnicea) – Zimnicea, TR
It’s been a long time since I prayed to be useful for God’s ministry. I wanted to talk to people about God and this week I realized that God wants me to be part of a mission. I met people who accepted Christ into their hearts and others who rejected us.

I discovered a lot of wonderful things this week, which helped me to grow spiritually. I am glad to be able to call people to Christ.

Marian Cocovan (Zimnicea) – Zimnicea, TR
I feel happy and at the same time I feel encouraged that I had the privilege to share the good news with other people. I met people who were open to the Word of God, some more than others. I am encouraged by this and I am looking forward to doing this another time. May God help me in this. Amen.

Anghel Mincu Simion (Zimnicea) – Zimnicea, TR
I was encouraged by this mission regarding the spread of the gospel to the lost and I was impressed by the fact that people need the Lord. I met a woman who started to cry when I read to her from the Bible. She was giving thanks to God that He sent someone to read to her from the Bible.

Through this mission I saw an answer from the Lord to our prayers, so that the church would fulfill its purpose, as someone was saying: “If the church doesn’t accomplish its missionary and evangelistic purpose than it doesn’t have a reason to exist”.

Ionut Moraru (Zimnicea) – Zimnicea, TR
I have the best opinion about this mission. I had the oportunity to speak with a lot of people and I was impressed by the fact that God used me too. I am looking forward to this kind of mission, to be able to talk to people about God’s love. I give thanks to the Lord for everything.

Filip Ologeanu (Zimnicea) – Zimnicea, TR
I was impressed by this mission, especially by the visits with the families. Being happy with my team and lead by the Lord, I was able to accomplish my purpose this week. I was affected by the mission in Smardioasa, where a woman, who at the beginning wanted to accept Christ, was influenced by her friend and eventually she rejected Him. Through God’s help I was able to meet new people in Zimnicea. I think that the purpose of the church is to accomplish its missionary purpose.

Marius Iulian Cojocaru (Ramnicu Sarat) – Ramnicu Sarat, BZ
I’ve learned that we need to let the Holy Spirit speak through us. I think it is a very good thing that we work in teams in order to spread the Word of God. It would be good if someone prayed for the teams. We shouldn’t be afraid of the way a person looks, because God is not looking at them, He is looking at their heart.

Laurentiu Selgian (Ramnicu Sarat) – Ramnicu Sarat, BZ
I think that the GNI method of sharing the Gospel is a very efficient one, both for those who listen and for those who share.

It was a special week for me because I was able to get experience both from the contacts with other people and from the trained missionaries. I must say that I am sorry that I didn’t get involved more than I did.

Cornelia Ghica (Ramnicu Sarat) – Ramnicu Sarat, BZ
July 10-16, 2004 was a reason to rejoice. I wanted to work for God and I still want to do that. In the beginning I didn’t know how to have a conversation with a person, but seeing the desire that my brothers had, I overcame my fear and I started to work, in Podgoria, Grebanu and than in Ramnicu Sarat. I was very nervous when I had to talk to the people for the first time by myself. It was at that time that I felt you can’t do anything without God.

There was a lady, Mrs. Steluta, who impressed me the most. While I was talking to her about my life and the way God gave his life for us, she understood that without Him she is nothing. She started to cry and then she told me that she wants to give her life to Jesus and to live with Him for the rest of her life.

I wish all people with whom we spoke would repent. Help them Lord! Amen.