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"Preach the Gospel to all creation" Mark 16:15

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Sharing, one person to another...

The water-colored photo to the left is a young lady sharing the gospel with an older man.  She was privileged to see the Lord at work when this man made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ: also a result of her own obedience to the Great Commission.  GNI sends Christians into the highways and byways of the world to seek out people who need and want to hear the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The Gospels and the book of Acts are full of such encounters.

Included on this page are my reflections upon the Great Commission given to us by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The reflections are inspired by people who take the gospel into the world, such as the young lady in the picture, and my own experience in sharing the gospel and leading people to Jesus. --Brother Mark

"We tell our story, our own experience of how the Savior drew us to Himself,, and then redeemed us, each of us, personally.  We then explain Jesus Christ and His Gospel from the Scriptures, and invite the hearer to respnd to Christ.  This is the essence of New Testament evangelism, this is the essence of evangelism today."

"Weariness is the by-product of this world; its chaos a 'gift' from the prince of the air; were it not for the victorious hope the believer has in Christ, the maddening question "Why?" might drive us all to the cliff.  But, we know what we see with our eyes is only part of the battle being waged, only part of the war that is already won, and we are indeed more than conquerors in Christ Jesus, Who loved us, saved us, and has already taken us unto Himself for all the ages to come."

"The world is dark -- consider its constant violence, atrocities, greed -- then ask yourself 'What can humanly fix it?'. The answer is clear -- man has no answers in and of himself. Man's only hope is Jesus Christ and the new Life He alone can give."

"It is impossible for us to fully comprehend the grace of God in sacrficing His Son for us; it is not required, only faith in what He has done matters."

"The greatest needs in the Body of Christ today are to rediscover the power of God in the unapologetic preaching of the Gospel and in the articulation of one's own journey of faith in Christ to another who needs to experience the new birth."

"Some say we must meet human needs before we earn the right to speak about Jesus to a lost person; I contend the greatest need of every person is to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  The new birth through the Holy Spirit is not wrought by making appeals to the flesh, but by the clear declaration of the Gospel."

"To what end do the redeemed live?  To be 'good'?  Have well-behaved children?  Have a quiet family life?  These are all desirable, pleasant, yet passing.  Our Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ, has called us into the volatile adventure of proclaiming His Gospel, and only in our joining Him in this escapade will we find life, and find it more abundantly, than all the quietness this world can offer."

"The bold, clear proclamation of the Gospel must be absolutely paramount in every church which calls itself by the name of Christ.  It was for the salvation of the souls of men that Christ came, died, and rose victoriously, and then enlisted His Bride as His vocal herald to call men to be saved."

"With certainty we are called to proclaim the gospel, and each commit our lives to this end.  For all who are in Christ are under His Great Commission, and if we wish to live lives of significance for the sake of the cross, we must be winners of souls."

"The Gospel is indeed the very power of God (Romans 1:16), for no other message composed of men has wielded the power to not simply inspire men for a season (as many leaders of men have done), but to transform them completely and make them something they were not before.  The Gospel alone thoroughly transforms men; those who have truly heard and surrendered to its call do not leave that moment the same creature."

"Whatever our gifts, whatever our strengths, whatever our comforts, whatever our preferences, all are to be considered in light of our direct contribution to the 'catch', to which we have been called to participate from Mark 1:17."

"It is the job and privilege of every Christian to preach the Gospel which has saved him, and he does so out of obedience to God and love for those whom the Lord will save."