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"Preach the Gospel to all creation" Mark 16:15

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Welcome to GNI's Donation Page ! We appreciate Your Support!
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Thank you for prayerfully considering giving to GoodNews International.  GNI is committed to engaging people around the world with the Gospel, and helping the overseas churches with whom we work become vibrant Great Commission communities of believers.  In GNI's first 10 years, more than 96% of all gifts have gone to the mission field.  We will be faithful stewards of your gift.

GNI gives you the opportunity to designate your gift by using the Memo area of the transaction.  This enables you to designate the purpose of your gift: whether it is contributing toward your own mission trip with GNI, that of a brother or sister going with us on a mission trip, or giving to one of GNI's special funds.

If giving towards a mission trip, please complete the Memo area as follows:

Participant_First_Name  Participant_Last_Name: Mission_Destination Year

For example, if John Doe is going on the GNI mission to Oceana in 2015, the memo line should look like this:

John Doe: Oceana 2015

As you will also receive the content of this Memo area, feel free to add any other comments you might find useful for future reference or to pass along to us.

GNI offers the following special fund giving (you may simply use the fund's abbreviation on the memo line):
  • Operations Fund (OF):  This fund allows one to contribute to the ministry at-large.  The gifts given into this fund will be used as needed, whether to help someone go on mission, supplement one of GNI's other special funds, cover operating expenses, or cover an unexpected mission need.
  • International Scholarship Fund (ISF):  This fund helps GNI place our brothers and sisters in the overseas churches on the mission field for short-term GNI missions.  The short-term missions may take them to their own Judea or Samaria, or unto the ends of the earth with GNI.  It is GNI's intent to continue in partnership with those whom we have discipled, and to work with them side-by-side as GNI goes throughout the world.

Donations to GoodNews International are handled through PayPal
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You can make your donation through your existing PayPal account, setup a PayPal account, or pay by credit card directly via the "Click Here" button found in the section immediately following the section where you have entered your donation amount.

Note: While GNI appreciates those who give from faith, we cannot support the idea of borrowing in order to give.  Please exercise good financial stewardship and faith toward God in your giving.  If you feel you cannot afford to finance a mission trip without borrowing, wait upon the Lord and see what He will do in providing for you.  After all, if He is the One who has called you, He will make the resources available from within your realm and without.