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Romania 2005 Main
Here are the testimonies of those who went into the highways and byways of southeastern Romania during the 2005 mission.  These are some great stories, not only of salvation coming to people, but of changed lives for the believers as well.  There are  46 testimonies here, all worth reading.  The initials represent the name of the evangelist, the town name is the town from which they come, and the town name in parenthesis cites the mission center in which they served.

M. J. – Buzau (Buzau)
I had the chance to participate in an evangelistic effort with GNI for the second time this year.

Missions is not something new for me. Ever since I became a Christian in 1990, God gave me the mandate to be a missionary. During this time I helped in planting new churches, I preached in houses and small and large churches, I offered my help to charity programs and I went to visit the sick people who were facing death. The experiences I had during those years encouraged me even more to get involved in this ministry of sharing the Lord. The GNI moment was a unique one.

First of all I felt great with the team. I was able to find my place and I was able to understand much better the verse: “Love one another, as I have loved you”. I wish the ones who make problems in the church would attend one of GNI missions.

During those days I was able to find great values in my life such as peace, happiness, security and generosity. All these things encouraged me to believe that I was living in God's presence, but God wanted to teach me a thing that I was missing – boldness. Boldness to speak to people and share with them about Jesus without me being the one who would select them according to their age, appearance, the way they are dressed, whether they deserve salvation or not. I was able to see that God has mercy and offers salvation to those whom I wasn't offering a chance. But whenever I saw them coming to Jesus something was breaking inside of me. It was a feeling of happiness mixed with surprise, humbleness and gratitude.

What touched me most was the feeling I had when, at the end of the day, we were supposed to get back to “base”. I was looking behind to the village in which we shared during that day and I was thinking of those people who had been lost and now were found. Our mission was like an itinerary into their world. We were coming back being tired and yet happy, we were leaving behind those places and people who changed, but also the ones who remained lost. I was feeling sorry for those who were still lost and I had a deep desire not to abandon this work. I was thinking about God's angels and the ministry they received for us in Hebrew 1:14 and yet, one day, we will judge them according to their worthiness.

I will never forget this experience and I believe that God is preparing me for other missions. He wants me to be better prepared for His ministry.

I would like to thank GNI and especially those whom I might not know who prayed hundreds and hundreds of prayers so that I and everybody else could rejoice in the Lord.

D. V. – Campina (Ramnicu Sarat)
I got to Ramnicu Sarat without knowing what God had prepared for us for the next week. On the first day of the mission we prayed that God's Holy Spirit would be upon us and would give us strength.

I met a young lady to whom I said that I wanted to share with her about Jesus. Holding her baby in her arms she stopped us and asked everybody else to come and join us. There were about 6 – 7 young people who were gathered around me. At the beginning I was afraid because I didn't know if they were willing to listen, but God worked in their hearts and they were happy to hear about the salvation of their souls. When I had to go they encouraged me to go on throughout their village and share the Good News.

S. L. – Ramnicu Sarat (Ramnicu Sarat)
On Thursday the 14th of July 2005, in a neighborhood of gypsies from Ramnicu Sarat I had an unexpected experience.

Together with Andy, I tried to speak with a lady about God but she refused to speak with us because she was orthodox. Overhearing the woman talking to us, four men invited us into their yard so that we could talk. I was convinced that they would laugh at us but they treated us with respect by listening very carefully to what we had to say. The key to their souls is God.

G. E. - Alexandria (Alexandria)
We had many experiences and it would be difficult for me to pick only one but here it is: one day I shared the Gospel with 3 older men. In the beginning I tried to avoid them, as I thought I was young and they wouldn't even notice me. But I dared to go to them and they proved to be very open and they even accepted Jesus into their lives.

It was a unique experience and it was the first one I ever had in my life. I knew that it was God's command to us to go and share the gospel, but I couldn't because it seemed something too difficult. I prayed that God would give me strength to fulfill His command of sharing the Gospel. I considered that this effort was God's answer to my prayer. It was the first time that I could speak with so many people about God.

B. T. - Campina (Nenciulesti)
On the 14th of July I was in Plosca Village together with Priscila and I went to a larger group of people and I gave them my personal testimony. But they rejected me by saying that they live in darkness and that was how they wanted to remain. I tried to tell them that the Light (Jesus) is more powerful than the darkness, but they didn't want to listen. I was sad when I left them, but then I thought of God's Word from Acts 28:24-28 and I got the strength to go on,
Some were convinced by what he said, but others would not believe. They disagreed among themselves and began to leave after Paul had made this final statement: "The Holy Spirit spoke the truth to your forefathers when he said through Isaiah the prophet:
"Go to this people and say, "You will be ever hearing but never understanding; you will be ever seeing but never perceiving."For this people's heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn, and I would heal them. Therefore I want you to know that God's salvation has been sent to the Gentiles, and they will listen!

M. N. - Nenciulesti (Nenciulesti)
I would like to thank you for the opportunity I had to serve the Lord together with you for a week. I was impressed with the people's reactions when they heard the Word of God. During the time we spent in Plosca we weren't rejected. Most of the people listened very carefully to what we had to say from the Bible. They prayed with us and they received Jesus Christ into their hearts. I had the privilege to share with a 13 years old girl who accepted Christ into her heart.

I would like to thank you once again for supporting us in the ministry we had.

T. R. - Campina (Nenciulesti)
During the 5 days of the mission I had the opportunity to meet different kinds of people.

We met people who were willing to hear the Gospel, some would happily listen to us, others would reject us. Some people wanted to know more about God, but they were not sure whether they would get to heaven or not. During this mission I was able to see the way God worked. One day I went to a very wealthy gypsy neighborhood, and they listened to the Gospel and prayed with me. I witnessed how wonderful God was working in their hearts.

It was a great experience! Whenever I felt that we couldn't go on God was working in a way greater than I could ever imagine.

R. N. - Campina (Zimnicea)
It was on Monday the 11th of July 2005, around 12:45 pm when I was sharing the Gospel with a small group of people and very quickly I found myself surrounded by many people. I decided to come back and have a worship time with that group. At 4:00 pm I took my team and went back to that place. We sang a few songs and then I started to share the Gospel with them. There were about 60 people who heard the gospel and all of them decided to pray with me at the end. This happened in the village of Smardioasa and the pastor from Zimnicea decided to plant a church there. All these things happened in a village where a week prior everything was flooded and the houses were damaged.

M. B. - Zimnicea (Zimnicea)
On Tuesday I met an old man who started to cry while I was sharing the Gospel. I was touched because I was able to meet someone who cared about God. I tried to calm him down and then the man thanked me for sharing the Word of God with him. I give thanks to the Lord for meeting this man and from now on I will be ready to share with anybody.

M. A. - Zimnicea (Zimnicea)
I was impressed by the testimony of a man who, at the beginning, didn't want to listen to us. He wanted to hit us but slowly I shared with him my personal testimony and the Gospel. He acted as if he were struck by lightening, but it was the power of the Holy Spirit. The man received Jesus into his heart. He started to cry and he asked us to come and visit him again. We were witnesses to the great power of the Gospel. It encouraged us and brought revival in our church.

C. S. - Campina (Alexandria)
I give thanks to the Lord that He used us in His ministry in Alexandria. This year's mission was a special one. Not only did He use me to share with the people, but He also allowed my life to be changed through the other volunteers' testimonies. The young volunteers from Alexandria made us feel at home and they were an encouragement to me. They learned from me how to evangelize people, but I also learned from them many things. Every evening after finishing the mission on the streets we gathered together with a guitar and start singing praise to God. During the lunch break, instead of resting, we shared our experiences and sang to the Lord songs that encouraged us. During the evenings we got together in the park and sang again. The time of rest was actually a time to praise the Lord. We were all one, we understood one another, we strengthened one another when we were discouraged.

The pastor and our leader were a real blessing and a great encouragement. Everything was well organized and the food was always served on time.

This week was a blessed one in which God changed me and used me in His ministry.

N. E. - Alexandria (Alexandria)
... we went outside the city gate to the river...we sat down and began to speak to the women who had gathered there.” (Acts 16:13)

I don't think I am wrong if I say that certain events from the book of Acts are very much like those in which I got involved this week. In fact, the book of Acts continues to be written even today!

During that week I saw the way God worked and used us as His tools.

One day we were in Laceni village and at a specific moment we got to a narrow street that was taking us to a river. We didn't have too much hope that we would find someone there at the end of the village, but I saw a woman at the gate. As we got closer to her we said Hello and asked her if she had a moment to talk with us about God. When she heard about this she went back into her yard and called her daughter-in-law and other neighbors. While one of them was knitting a waistcoat for her son and another one was knitting socks for her grandchild, we started to share the Gospel with them. We noticed that they were honest and willing to hear the good news. We started to help them with what they were doing and we continued to share with them the joy of being saved. They were ready to pray with us and we believe that God will continue to work into their hearts, because the people from the edge of the village are not at the edge of God's heart.

Praise to Him!

E. S. - Alexandria (Alexandria)
I appreciated the opportunity to do missions together with well trained people. It was my desire to share about Jesus in the mission points. Speaking to the people from the country side was a benefit both for them and for us.

I would like to thank the ones who organized the training seminar and for all the financial support. We would also like to thank the sisters who prepared food for us.

Personally, I consider that the main difference between this mission and the one with “Choose Life” is the focus upon the ministry in the country side and in the villages.

Also, I appreciated the young people who got involved and they dedicated their energy and time for the glory of God and the happiness of people.

May the Lord help us see the fruits of this effort, not only here on Earth, but up in Heaven too.

Our happiness would be greater if you came back in the future also.

"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field".

A. H. - Campina (Nenciulesti)
God is the One who worked in a wonderful way during our mission. I noticed this in Plosca where I had a great experience. I started to share the Gospel with two men and very shortly after, two other ladies and an older man joined us. Their hearts were open and sincere. After they heard about God's plan for their lives one of the men told me that he agreed with us, but he couldn't believe that someone is able to live according to God's standards. Then, one of the ladies interrupted us and shared about her son who changed in a radical way after he turned his face to God. He wasn't drinking anymore, he wasn't smoking, he wasn't arguing with other people, and everything was peaceful. This testimony coming from an unbelieving woman had a great impact on the others and all of them decided to receive Jesus into their hearts.

What a great testimony it is when someone lives according to the Bible and is a light for the people around him!

I give thanks to the Lord for His grace that carried me, because we can't do anything without Him.

D. G. - Nenciulesti (Nenciulesti)
I met different kinds of people this week. Certain people think that we are just like them. We need to work in our lives, through prayer, so that the people around us would see a change.

I was amazed by the fact that there are people who don't believe that God exists. But I also met people who admitted that they needed God's help in their lives. These people should be visited. In order for the churches to have love for these people they should pray for them and ask for strength and love from the Lord.

I met people who told me that if they were sinful and were going to hell, then why would they go to God? They said that it would have been better if they had to go to hell also, and we, the children of God, shouldn't try to persuade them that God exists.

I would like to thank God for giving me this privilege to go and share with people about Him.

S. G. - Nenciulesti (Nenciulesti)
I am glad that during this week I was able to share with people about God. What impressed me the most was that all the people said that they have God in their hearts, but they were not sure about their salvation. I am very glad and I give thanks to God for the opportunity I had to speak with these people and tell them more about God's plan with their lives.

I was also impressed about the way the adventists acted when I had the possibility to speak with them: some of them were very glad that we were going and sharing with others about God. They even said that they were praying for the ministry we were doing. Others started to yell at us and tell us that they were the only ones going to heaven and that everyone else would get to hell because we don't keep the Sabath and we eat pork. There were some people who have attended the Adventist church for more than 20 years and yet they were not sure about whether they are saved or not.

I am glad I could speak with people because I learned that many people don't know about God's gift for us and that we need to share the Good News.

P.G. - Nenciulesti (Nenciulesti)
The mission I attended this year had a special effect upon myself and it helped me a lot to grow spiritually and to get the boldness and courage to go farther with Jesus and to make Him known to others.

In the beginning I was nervous and thought I knew what I had to do but I wasn't too sure that I was able to do it. I was afraid of what people might say when I was supposed to share with them about God. I wasn't too confident that what I was about to say would have a result. I prayed to God and I asked Him to go before me and prepare the people's hearts for what they were about to hear. I also asked Him to speak through because I realized that it was not through my human power that I could do this. I got so much courage that I was able to share even with those who stepped out of bar with bottles of alcohol in their hands. I don't know if they received Jesus into their hearts, but I know for sure that the seed of the Word was planted and that God's power can make it bring fruit.

I was spiritually strengthened and I was very privileged that God could use me, an unimportant person, in order to fulfill His ministry on earth. I give thanks to God for everything and I pray that the fruits of this ministry will be many souls receiving His salvation.

S. O. - Nenciulesti (Nenciulesti)
We shared the Gospel in a village called Buzescu and there, I was deeply moved by the story of a woman who was 68 years old.

Four years ago this woman lost three of her daughters and a niece in a car accident. I was shocked when she started to describe what she felt when she saw four coffins in her backyard. At that moment I realized she had a deep wound in her soul, one wound that only God could heal. I started to talk to her about the Word of God, trying to encourage her by sharing with her some Bible verses. With tears in her eyes, she told me she went to the Baptist Church for a few months but then she stopped. When we reached the moment that I asked her if she wanted to receive Christ in her heart she said she couldn’t because that would be giving up her daughters and the traditions regarding dead people. In that moment I asked for permission to pray for her. Even if she did not pray to receive Jesus in her heart she was impressed by the Word of God and the prayer I prayed for her. She promised she will come to church and try to receive Jesus in her heart. I give thanks to God because He gave me the oportunity to talk to her.

I liked this discussion because I managed to put myself in second place and let the Spirit of God work through me. I thank God for this experience because it contributed to my spiritual growth.

P. S. - Nenciulesti (Nenciulesti)
First of all, I would like to say that I was with the young people from my church and brothers from Campina in only three of these five days.

The problem that the sincere people I talked with had was that they did not have real christians (i.e. Who are fully surrendered to God) in their congregation. I know this is true because I know how Satan tempts me when I try to surrender myself to God and reject his offerings.

Second of all, I saw the Spirit of God working through me. I saw his wonderful effects even in the tears of some people. Before the mission began I told God that I only want to be an instrument in His hand. I tried not to tell anything from myself but let Him work, and He did.

I felt a deep sadness for the people who were sincerely moved by the love of God because I know that they need to be taught the Word and I do not know if we can teach and show them the way until they become independent concerning people and dependent on God. Here, the Holy Spirit of God has to move us, the Church of God.

In many people, I felt the need of love. Most of them opened their hearts and I saw a lot of pain. We tried to talk to their hearts even if they did not receive Jesus I truly believe they felt some of God’s love through love we had for them.

E. N. - Campina (Zimnicea)
This year God showed me that He is with me every step I take and that I cannot do anythig without Him.

It was a week full of blessings and difficulties also. We had to fight the rain, weather too cold or too hot, tiredness and hardened hearts. I give thanks to God because He did not let me give up when I was tired. He was there for me everyday, every step of the way.

I give thanks to God for a united team, a team which did not let anything bring them down; especially for a particular brother (Nicu Fratostiteanu) who was an encouregement to us. He was the one that could always find a door to share the Gospel with the people he talked to. May God bless him!

I had a special experience in Nasturelu when we went to visit a Baptist familly. In their yard many people and their children gathered who were not christians. They had the opportunity to hear the Gospel and after that we talked to them individually. I was filled with joy when, after we finished, some women came and asked me what they could do to go to heaven or what to do with the sin that ruled their lives.

God really encouraged me through this experience.

D. D. - Campina (Alexandria)
I could say that I experienced 3 testimonies:

1. One was from the team from Alexandria. At first the team from Alexandria felt like there was a difference between us. But by the end of the week we were abble to work together in the mission. We fulfilled our goal - we prepared new team leaders. We burst into tears when we listened to the testimonies they shared in the church, when we listened to what God has done in their lives this week.

2. Another testimony came from the church which looked at this type of mission and said it was a good one. We were also impressed by the way in which they sustained the mission through their prayers and even by the way they took care of everything.

3. I was impressed by the way God works through those who let Him. This is one of my experiences. Walking on the streets of one of the villages, I met three people who were drinking in a bar. What first came into my mind was to pass by them and so we did, we changed our direction to another street but those people started to call us. They asked us to share with them the reason we were there. We stopped and shared the Gospel with them. They were impressed by what we had to tell them and they prayed to receive Jesus into their hearts. We invited them to the church that night and they came and we praised God together.

To God be all the glory!

A. N. - Campina (Ramnicu Sarat)
On Thursday, God put a great joy in my heart. We went to a gypsy ward and I could not believe how open those people were to hear the Gospel. We shared Jesus with a family and the other people that were passing by asked us why we were there. I told them that we went there to share with them the Good News. I thought they would leave, but they stayed and listened. After we talked they thanked me and wanted to pay me. Those people were a great encouragement to me, I saw how God can do miracles and how He can bring people to salvation.

Even if I was discouraged because of the weather, God gave me a great joy through those people.

This week I understood that I can ask God for anything and He will answer.

P. H. - Ramnicu Sarat (Ramnicu Sarat)
In the village of Livada Mare, I met a man who was 90 years old. I asked for his permission to talk about preparing for life after death and he said yes.

In this area the accent is on material preparations for death, that means to have money for the funeral, a coffin and everythig that goes with it: clothes, money for the meal after the funeral, money to pay the priest but they do not think much about their soul. I asked that man if he had hope that he would go to heaven after he dies. He said he did not think so because he knew he was a sinner. He told me he was in a war and he shot people. I shared the Gospel with him, explained that Jesus Christ came and died for sinners like him. I told him about the thief on the cross who was also a sinner but he was forgiven by Jesus Christ in his last hour of life. I encouraged him to repent and believe in Jesus Christ. He gladly received some books with verses from the Bible, verses that show how we can come closer to God.

I. N. - Alexandria (Alexandria)
I think this mission was very hard because I had to contact people in the streets and tell them how I received Jesus Christ in my heart, what kind of man I was before I knew Him and what kind of man I am now. I also had to tell people what the Bible says about the great love God has for all people and about how He wants all of us to be saved.

The first day was difficult but after that I saw how God gave me courage and strength to share His Word.

We had a leader that proved to be a true child of God, she was Camelia Stanean. She showed love, ability and great courage doing this work, that encouraged and strenghtened me very much.

We had many contacts, some of them received the Word of God, some of them prayed to receive Jesus into their hearts.

I was stopped by a priest, he told me to give up this work and he said he would call the authorities but I went on and I thank God it all worked out good.

I thank God for this work and all the people that were directly or indirectly involved, especially GNI. I pray to God that He will bless this way of sharing the Gospel.

M. B. - Alexandria (Alexandria)
God told his diciples to go in the world and share the Gospel and I can say that we did this. We made a team with the people who came from Campina and people from our church and went to five villages where we spread the seed, the Word of God.

This is not the first time I went to a village and shared the Gospel but this week has been a great experience, a true success and a blessed time. I was surprised when I saw that many people opened their hearts, prayed with us and received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

I think that the method we used is good because we could contact many people and share with them the Good News of God and I know that He will continue to work in those who did not have the courage to pray with us and receive Jesus.

M. N. - Alexandria (Alexandria)
I was really impressed by this type of mission. At first, I felt I was not ready to tell people how God had worked in my life and made me His child.

My purpose in this life is to follow Jesus, knowing that when I die I will go to heaven.

I thank God for my team leader, brother Daniel Dragnea, who is a special man. He was very understanding, he explained to me how to talk to people about the Word of God. During this week I received many blessings from God and I saw His hand upon me; He gave me courage and boldness to tell people how He has worked in my life.

The first day was hard for me but God helped me to pass it and to continue to share the Gospel with people. Many of them prayed with me to receive Jesus Christ in their hearts.

We also had many obstacles and one of them happened when we ran into a man who was drunk and started to swear and tell all kinds of dirty things about God. In that moment I saw how God protected us.

I thank God for everything He did for me this week, for the leader we had and for all the other young people that came.

I thank God for the purpose GNI has - sharing our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

A. M. N. - Alexandria (Alexandria)
I thank God because He used me in this mission to share Jesus Christ, our personal Saviour. During this mission I felt how God protected us.

The time I spent with the brothers from Campina was a true blessing, I was able to tell people about the wonderful way God worked in my life and about how I became His child.

The first day was difficult for me. There were moments when I felt I was not called to do this type of mission, I felt I could not tell people about Jesus Christ. But after two days I saw God had a plan to use me in this mission. Even if at first I thought I could not do this, I was impressed by the way God worked in the village of Poroschia. There we shared the Gospel and two women who were 70 years old received God with tears in their eyes. Satan tried to interfere but God was in control of everything.

I thank God for my leader, Irina, and for all the other brothers from Campina who encouraged us in this work. All we did was to praise the Lord and to participate in enlarging the Kingdom of God.

I thank God for GNI organization and for their purpose, that of proclaiming our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

L. N. - Campina (Alexandria)
The mission from this year was a true blessing to me, I saw God working day by day.

When I arrived to Nenciulesti I was worried and afraid. Wednesday was the day when God poured His blessings upon us one after another. That morning I was not feeling good, I had fever, I caught a cold. My heart did not feel any joy but I still went in the mission field. Before I begun to talk to people I prayed to God to give me strength and passion for lost people. After that I started to talk to people about salvation but I still did not feel any joy. After two hours, an eight year old child came and asked me‚ “Why are you alone?”, “Why are you sad?”. That was the moment when I realized that I had to forget about me so I could share the Gospel for my Lord.

After my heart was healed God gave me a prize - a person that was open to hear His Word and who received Jesus Christ.

A thing that I learned was this: “Even if you try to stand against God’s will, He makes you understand that He is the one who is leading.”

Being a girl made it difficult for me to get used to the idea of being a leader but God made me understand that I do not have to show my authority but just to listen and take advice in any situation.

S. G. - Campina (Zimnicea)
I had a great experience in Zimnicea and I saw how God’s power is at work when we ask for it. Before we left, my team prayed to find people who are interested in hearing the Gospel. The pastor from Zimnicea was in my team and because he knew the town we went to streets that were far away from the center of the city. These streets were full of old people and children. When I shared the Gospel to children I used a cube with images, it makes them think about their souls.

Later that day I met an old lady who saw me and stopped me. I told her the reason I was in town and shared the Gospel with her. She looked at me and started to think about her life and she realized that death can come unexpectedly. Before I had the chance to ask her if she wanted to receive Jesus she looked at the sky and with tears in her eyes started to cry out and pray to the living God. When I saw her crying I huged her with tears in my eyes and I felt God’s power.

Once again I realized that many lives can still be changed by God’s power and faithfulness, just like mine was changed. I have never seen this kind of powerful work. I know that we are precious in God’s eyes.

R. D. - Campina (Buzau)
I would like to tell you about the way God changed me during this week.

I was part of a wonderful team. I saw how God changed my life by the people who were truly interested and open to hear God’s Word. Even if I was disappointed by the weather, God encoureged me and showed me how He can perfectly do His work through us.

I want to share with you an experience I had this week. One day the whole team was disappointed because it was rainning and we thought we couldn't go and share the Gospel that day but God stopped the rain for two hours so we were able to go. When I found out that we had to go I was not very happy and I knew that that was not a good attitude but God sent me a woman who was interested in hearing the Gospel. After I talked to her she realized she was a sinner and she would go to hell. She prayed and received Jesus into her heart. This was an encouragement for me and I saw how God can work in our lives. I know that even if I am disappointed sometimes God can bring joy in my heart.

I thank God for the opportunity to share the Gospel and to serve Him. I thank God for who I am now, that is His child.

I. V. - Campina (Buzau)
Every mission trip is a unique experience that I get to live with the Lord. I get to know people better and I get to know myself better. I am really happy that I went. There were moments in which I felt that God was right there with me, in person. It's so great to be able to feel God so close!

My team was a real blessing to me. I got to know everyone so much better and I got to discover so many good things about them that I could never imagine.

I have been blessed to go and share in my father's home village. God gave me the strength and the courage to share with my grandparents about Him. I knew that this village didn't have such a good 'reputation' with respect to welcoming missionary teams there, and we could feel the spiritual warfare everytime we wanted to talk to someone. But I give praise to God that we were able to plant seeds and I pray that He will make them grow and bring forth fruits. And these circumstances made me realize one more time what a mighty God we serve and that there is nothing impossible for Him to do.

Every experience that I had, taught me to trust God more and brought me closer to Him. I am so grateful that He has chosen me also to be one of His children and thus I can be part of His great ministry.

N. F. - Zimnicea (Zimnicea)
I want to thank God for the oportunity I had to share the Gospel in Zimnicea, Smardioasa and Nasturelu.

In Smardioasa, even if most of the village was flooded and houses were under water, the people who lived there agreed to listen to us. They knew this was happening to them because of their sins and some of them prayed to receive Jesus. They said they would love to have a church to go to in their village because they also needed the Word of God and Bibles.

In Nasturelu we met people who wanted to hear about the Word of God, especially women. There, I met a woman who was afraid that if she received Jesus her husband would kill her. I asked if he was at home and I went and talked to him about Jesus. The Holy Spirit penetrated his heart and he prayed to receive Jesus. His wife was very happy and they invited me to visit them again.

We were in Zimnicea for three days and we shared the Gospel in the streets and in the parks. We met religious and traditional people but God gave us victory. We also met people who did not want to talk to us because they had a licence in Economics or Politics and they could not reach our low level. But we also had people who prayed to receive Jesus into their hearts. Some of them were so impressed that they invited us in their homes and gave us their phone numbers.

I thank God for the power He gave to the entire team . Even if they were young the Holy Spirit strenghtened them. I was impressed by the way God works if you put yourself at His disposal, as an instrument in His hands.

I thank all of those who were part of this work. Matthew 28:19 says, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

May God bless you!

S. T. - Campina (Buzau)
This week I felt God’s hand working, it was a great experience. I felt the Holy Spirit working with us. This was the first time I was the leader of a team and I felt both a great responsability but also a great joy. We were happy to see that all members of the four teams had experienced many blessings. This was a team work. We all worked for God , with Him and for Him.

We had a great experience with a young man, Iulian, who was the son of a brother from Pogoanele. Iulian was working in Buzau and he was staying at the house from the church. One night I talked to him about Jesus and because we had time I explained the Gospel in detail. He was moved in his heart but he said he is not ready to receive Jesus. There was something holding him back. I knew it was Satan. After a while, the other team members from Campina arrived. We felt God was fighting Satan for Iulian’s heart. This went on for a few hours. But God won and Iulian prayed to receive Jesus in his heart as his personal Saviour. We went to church on Thursday night and Iulian was there. It was a great blessing. All of us prayed for him that night and after that he prayed too. I noticed that in his prayer he asked God to forgive him because he had been living at the church but never participated. We praise God that he had the chance to do that that day.

I had many other wonderful experiences this week. We went to Buzau and there we met different people. We shared the Gospel with a young man who was a satanist, to a poet and to a politician. All of them promised they would come to church. Now we are waiting for God to do His work and change their hearts as He did with Iulian’s.

In the village of Florica we shared the Gospel to an old lady and she received Jesus into her heart. She told us her husband was ill and she asked us to pray for him. We went inside the house and shared the Gospel with him and he prayed to receive Jesus into his heart. Their daughter and three of her children were there and all of them received Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

We are very happy we could spread the Word of God in Buzau. May they grow and bring fruit for God! To God be all the glory for everything that has been done during this blessed week in Buzau.

E. R. - Campina (Nenciulesti)
I give thanks to God for having the opportunity to go in mission in Teleorman.

I have to tell you that I found open people to receive the Gospel. I was glad that poor people and the ones who were affected by the floods were coming one by one to listen to the Gospel.

I was impressed by older people who said that they had no hope and they were asking me, with tears in eyes, what they should do in order to be saved. We read together from the Bible, I explained to them the Bible verses and we prayed together. I told them that God can wash their sins away and He can give them eternal life.

May God bless Romania with a great transformation and openness for the Gospel, for Jesus. I must say that there were many moments in which people were touched when hearing the Word of God and they received Jesus. I pray for them and may God bless them and not only them, but also the ones who worked hard and supported this mission.

May God bless GNI!

F. N. - Campina (Zimnicea)
On the 13th of July we went to share the Gospel in Nasturelu. There were some clouds in the sky and after a while it started to rain. We prayed and went to share the Word.

That village was placed along the road that makes the connection between two cities, Giurgiu and Zimnicea. It also had a few lanes which ended in an open field. Half of the team took the right side and half the left side of the village. The streets that ended in the field were flooded, they looked like holes full of mud. We came closer to one of those streets and saw two men who were about 200 meters away. I told a brother to go on that street but he did not want to because, he said, “It’s not worth it” so I took my sister Monica and went there. We found three people and when they heard about what we wanted to talk to them about they went and brought the others from their houses. They gave us chairs and we shared the Gospel with them. Those six people prayed to receive Jesus Christ into their hearts. I was amazed by God’s wonderful work.

May God be praised because He is the living Lord forever! Amen

I. F. B. - Zimnicea (Zimnicea)
This oportunity I had to evangelize made me grow spiritually and I could talk to people about God. Since I am only 19 years old I had the chance to learn things I will need later in life from the young families that came.

During this week I saw many people praying to receive Jesus Christ in their lives.

One day I was standing in the corner of a street, I was upset because people were rejecting me. Then two people passed by me who were talking about how God gave too much rain. I stopped one of them and I told her that God loves her and I shared the Gospel with her. She received Christ into her heart and I was very happy and full of hope.

I want to be used by God in His work. I am a simple man but I want to help people. God is everything for those hearts which know Him. I want many more weeks like this one.

I want to remind you of a Bible verse from Proverbs 3: 5, 6: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

May God give us a sunbeam!

B. G. - Campina (Zimnicea)
One day this week, we had to have our car repaired. I went to the car service with the pastor and brother Nicu, left the car and went inside the building. There was brother Nicu sharing the Gospel with one of the mechanics. He was complaining about his car because it was consuming a lot of gas and the mechanic told him to bring the car so he could look at it. After this answer brother Nicu asked the mechanic, “Don’t you think your life should also be examined so it will not consume so many sins?”

I had many good things to learn during this mission organised by GNI and because this was my first time doing this I had the chance to meet many people from different cultures and social classes.

Thank you for this opportunity to be a part of this team. May God bless you!

R. S. - Zimnicea (Zimnicea)
By sharing the Gospel I had the chance to meet different kinds of people. I met both people who wanted to hear about God and to receive Him into their hearts but also people who were not open to the Gospel.

One day I was walking on the street and I stopped a woman to tell her about Jesus Christ. I noticed she was mourning someone. Three months prior her daughter had died. She was very upset but in the same time she was open to the Gospel. She said she had a heart of stone but during our conversation I saw tears in her eyes. At first I thought she was crying because of the pain she had but that was not true. They were tears of joy because after a long time she heard about Jesus and received Him in her heart. I was very happy and I had a lot to learn from this experience.

I understood that in spite of all the obstacles and the darkness that surrendered us there was a live light which would never go - Jesus Christ.

L. B. - Alexandria (Alexandria)
I want to thank God for choosing me to work in His vineyard. I was not used to talking to people in this way but I learned what is important to say to a person who does not know anything about God. In this mission not only did I help people to know God but my faith also grew. God gave me the strength and desire to talk to people and I would like to continue this work.

At first I did not know how to start, how to talk to people but with Camelia’s help I managed to tell them about God’s love. I saw how my leader, Emi, was working in this mission and I tried to do the same, to contact people. It was not easy but with God’s help I did it.

This mission was God’s work because only He can turn around 200 people. I am very happy He used me in this work.

S. B. I. - Campina (Ramnicu Sarat)
On Friday I was in Ramnicu Sarat and I was decided to stop as many people as I could and tell them about God’s kindness.

I met an old lady who was resting at a gate as if she was waiting for us. In that moment I understood that God sent her to me in order to tell her about His wonderful love that is shown through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. I shared this with her and she agreed that we all need to come to God with repentence. We prayed to God to forgive her for her life lived without Jesus Christ. This was a confirmation to me that all we did this week for God, the Lord of my life, was blessed by Him.

S. V. - Nenciulesti (Nenciulesti)
I want to thank Jesus Christ for giving me the opportunity to do this mission. This could not have happened without the help of the brothers from Campina. This week I saw how much I need God, I saw that His love and kindness surrounded me every day.

I had the chance to meet old and young people and I also had the joy to share the Gospel with them. Many people know the Word of God but it hurts to see how other people missguide them. The children of God do not have a good testimony.

The Adventists tell people about the law and that they musn’t eat pork but they are not sure of their salvation. I met a young adventist and I asked him if he had Jesus in his heart and he said no. I was very sad to hear this and he was sad too but I know God can be found by anyone who looks for Him with all his heart.

This week was another experience in my life but also for my friends, my neighbors and even for the brothers from the church.

May God bless every volunteer, the brothers who prayed for us and the brothers who gave up everything for this mission.


E. S. - Alexandria (Alexandria)
This mission encouraged me a lot even if this is the first time I personally went to tell people about God’s love.

The first few days I thought I was not made to talk to people, I thought God had people to go and share His Word and I was not one of them. I was asking God why He had chosen me for this work. But after many prayers and encouragements from all the members of the team and from my leader, Emi, God gave me the strength to talk to people. I understood that God gave all of us the command to go into the world and share the Gospel but He is the only one that gives us the power to do this. In His Word He says He will be with us and He will put His words in our mouth.

I had the chance to experience these wonderful words. I saw how God did not leave me alone and how He spoke through me. I thank God because He gave me strength to preach Him and I also want to thank the entire team which stood beside me.

A. N. - Campina (Ramnicu Sarat)
On Monday we were in Grebanu, a village that was 10 km away from Ramnicu Sarat.

I was standing before a small street which was full of mud. Because I was wearing shoes I looked at the mud then at the empty street and I thought I would pass by it. But then I realized that at the end of that street there could be people who needed to hear the Gospel. If I had not gone to the end of that muddy street, I would have never met those three families that I talked with. I was impressed when I shared the Gospel to the first family that even though they were very poor and busy they listened to us very carefully. I could see in their eyes the desperate need of a Savior. Even if they did not make a verbal decision I knew that God touched their hearts. They want someone to visit them and I know the moment of their decision will come.

Any small effort for God is rewarded sooner or later.